Your Needs & Wants

Austin Creative Landscaping specializes in listening to you and delivering you the kind of landscape that you need and want. Whether your need is simply the freshening up of an old, tired landscape or the addition of a new stone patio with a custom outdoor kitchen and pergola from which you can enjoy a magnificent flower garden flourishing in your backyard, we can and want to help you! We are a small firm and schedule our workload carefully so that each customer receives our undivided attention while on site. Although this sometimes means a short wait, we trust that you will feel that it was worth it.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the joy that you experience when you see your yard transformed from an old, drab burden to a brand new vibrant oasis that feels like a personal retreat.



How It Happens:

Phase 1: Consultation

Austin Creative Landscaping offers a FREE Project Consultation. We come to you with our commitment and expertise in offering you the most cost-effective, unique, and personalized landscaping experience in Austin Texas at absolutely no cost to you.

Phase 2: Design

A very important component of our service is the preparation of a landscape design/plan that reflects the major themes of what was discussed during the consultation enhanced with the thoughtful, practical and creative details of the designer into a real workable plan. Putting the plan on paper also ensures that you as the customer and us as the contractor are “on the same page”. The design also functions as the guide for our install crew.

Our design fee starts at $60/hr with a three hour minimum charge. If, you decide to move forward with a landscape design during the consultation, we ask for a $150.00 deposit to begin the process. We will also ask you to email us a survey of your property. If we are not inordinately busy, which we will inform you if we are, the interval between the initial consultation and the first draft of the design will be less than 4 weeks.


Phase 3: Demo & Construction

Unless your home is newly built and your lot has been cleared by a bulldozer, we will most likely begin your project with removing most of the existing landscape, turf and hardscape in question. This is an underestimated, but essential component of the transformation process. With a relatively clean slate, we will then move on to the construction of non-living components. Our crew is experienced in building custom outdoor living areas and hardscapes using masonry, wood, steel and other materials.

  • Paths, Patios & Pergolas

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Fire Pits

  • Water Features

  • Retaining Walls & Drainage Solutions

  • Dry River Beds

  • Raised Beds and Edging

  • Artificial Turf


Phase 4: Softscapes

Softscape installation involves the living plants and their supporting soil, mulch and gravel. Austin Creative Landscaping prefers to use the “Native and Adapted plants recommended by the City of Austin” and “Best of Texas Landscape Guide” put out by The Texas Nursery and Landscape Association. However, our pallet is not limited to these and we are ready to look into and research any favorite plants that you might have.

  • Large Trees & Shrubs

  • Flower Beds

  • Xeriscapes

  • Sod & Mulches


Phase 5: Cleanup

As important as clean up is to you, it is to us as well. For us it is not enough that we just complete the job that we were hired to do, we want to leave your property looking good. Our commitment is to leave your property cleaner and tidier than we found it.



Service Area

South Austin / North Hays Counties